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Magnificat=an utterance of praise

At the top of her lungs, my daughter belts out “Mary’s Magnificat”.  Of course she calls it “Mary’s Magnificent” and while her brother insists on correcting her, I’m starting to think my girl might have it right.  Mary’s magnificent is Who we’re celebrating this season, right?  Jesus Christ, the magnificent One.

Years ago I wrote a post that I’ve repeated each Christmas season on this blog or my previous one.  If you’ve not read Mary’s Submission before, I’d love for you to click on it now.  Maybe you would benefit from hearing…from saying…”Let it be to me according to Your Word.”

As we celebrate Christ’s birth this coming week, my magnificat-my utterance of praise-goes something like this:

Dear Heavenly Father,

My soul magnifies You!  My spirit rejoices in God my Savior!

Whatever challenges lie before us, the underlying truth is that You are mighty, God, and You have done great things and You are holy.  Your Word is true and forever!  For those who are mourning this season, You are the One who lifts their heads so they can rejoice.  And for others who are full of laughter and peace, You are the One who gives real joy and real peace that passes all understanding.  Without You, God, we are consumed by worries and fears.  Without You, God, we are self-centered and proud. But, Your mercy is on those who fear You from generation to generation.  

We can rejoice this season for with God nothing will be impossible!  In your current season, can you say to God that you are willing to be used…that you are surrendered to His will…and that you will be full of praise?

O Magnify The Lord!

Merry Christmas!  Love, Wendy


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