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Forget Charlie Brown for a minute.  This is feeling more like a Chuck E. Cheese Christmas!  

When our oldest two boys were little guys, I felt it my mom-duty to take them to that infernal place known as Chuck E. Cheese for birthdays and playdates.  Call it guilt, call it naivete’, but I didn’t realize there were other possibilities.  (Thankfully, seven years later and the arrival of two more kiddos brought greater wisdom…our youngest two have never stepped foot in the place!) Chuck E. Cheese was the kind of place that caused my heart to palpitate, my eyes to burn, and my ears to ring.  Chaos.  Sheer chaos.

Are your Christmas preparations turning out to be more Charlie Brown-ish or Chuck E. Cheese-ish?  Certainly you’ve watched “A Charlie Brown Christmas” hundreds of times like me.  In Charlie’s journey to figure out this Christmas thing, his BFF Linus ‘drops the mic’ (actually, drops the blanket) by reciting Luke 2.  Suddenly the chaos, the materialism, the me-focus fades away.  It’s all about Jesus.  Immanuel.  God With Us.  Go back to that word “Immanuel”, click on it, and remember the point to this whole crazy ride.  Hopefully that’s just the re-focus you need right now.  

Love, Wendy

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