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Dear Heavenly Father,

Today I lift up the women reading this.  I thank You for providing the means to reach out and be a part of their lives and I ask You to reach them and show them Your love.

Please comfort our sisters who are enduring a loss.  Pull them in tightly to You and show them first-hand that You care, that You fill the emptiness that remains.  While on earth, You wept.  You understand their hurts.  You put our tears into Your bottle–You sustain us.

For women who are weary, fill them with a deep trust in You so they may freely cast their burdens onto You and believe that You are taking care of everything–far better than they ever could.  May they have a joy in You for that is our strength.  The new mamas, the aging women, the overworked ones, the spiritually defeated…strengthen us, Lord, and let us not grow weary while doing good.  Let us fight hard and finish the race faith-filled.

I ask a special strength be given to our mamas with prodigal children.  I doubt any of them could have imagined being in this real-life parable, but for those who are facing this reality, do a mighty miracle that seems impossible right now.  Draw these children to You.  Give them the gift of repentance and restore families and homes.  Strengthen these mothers and help them to persevere in love, forgiveness, and hope.

Father, our young mothers are experiencing great joys as their families grow, but also in this joyful time, the demands grow.  Help them to keep their eyes fixed on You as they face new challenges and are required to put others before themselves.  As they learn how to die to self, as they serve their husbands and children (You, God), please show them this surrender is far more beautiful than demanding our own rights and living selfishly.  You meet our every need, Father.  Reveal this day by day and night by night as these sweet, and often tired, mamas love and care for their children.

Each one of us is tempted to sin, Lord.  We are filled with desires to gossip, to hold offenses and be bitter, to be angry, to covet and live jealously, or to even lust.  I ask that You would soften our hearts and give us a real belief that You save us and transform us into new creations through the blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ.  May we confess our sins–may we agree with You–and repent from these sins that hold us in bondage from freedom!  As we walk out in newness of life, may others see Your undeniable power and be changed as well.  May we bring honor and glory to Your Name, Jesus!

Be with us today, Father.  We are grateful we can say that we love You…and that’s because You first loved us.  Thank you.

In Jesus’ name we pray,


Have a beautiful day and be encouraged as you live in the presence of God.

Love, Wendy

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