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Such is the amazing love of Jesus Christ to spread out his arms and die for those who were not worthy. He washed the feet of the man he knew would betray him. He endured the boasts of the man he knew would deny him. He suffered the mocking, jeering, and brutal beatings of those who despised him. And neither are we worthy!

At any point Jesus could have shown fools his power, and overcome them. But he suffered as a lamb before its’ shearers: silent and waiting, willfully subjecting himself to fools so that a greater enemy could be overcome. On the day Christ died, he overcame DEATH and SIN. The real enemies of this life were defeated. 

Because he overcame, we now can have eternal life through his shed blood. Words are needed to express it, but they are so inadequate for such a great salvation. For what was accomplished on that day–on that very Good Friday, when slaves could forever be set free, to live as sons and daughters, heirs of the King–Lord, we thank you!

In Christ’s love, erika

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