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We are told to be content in all our circumstances, aren’t we?  The apostle Paul leads us well in this by saying:

Not that I speak in regard to need for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.  Philippians 4: 11

He speaks the truth.  I want us to consider a state, though, in which we should strive to not be content:  a state of empty satisfaction.

It can evolve in a variety of ways–comfort, boredom, familiarity–but have you found yourself in a state of contentment that is getting you nowhere?

Maybe you’re comfy-cozy with your set of friends.  The thought of someone new breaking into your group sends you in circles.  Perhaps you have your Sunday routine nailed down…now you’ve been asked to add a new thing or serve in a different way.  Or what about stepping outside of the familiar and talking with new people, or inviting them over?!?

All of these things take us out of our states of contentment, our comfort zones.  And every single one of these examples, as well as many others, will stretch us in some way that will end up growing us.

As Christian women, many of us attend regular Bible studies among other events that are meant to grow us spiritually.  And yet, how many of us are in a condition of being “fat and happy” or a state of barren contentment?  We attend, yet not really participate.  Writing down the basic answers, we press forward to finish the lesson, yet hold back from divulging much of ourselves.  To apply the knowledge would mean change.  That would mean work or discomfort or even discontentment…

And yet, a discontentment that brings about a dissatisfaction with a superficial or stagnant spiritual state is good.  May this be our very goal.  Every church service, every Bible study, every encounter with God through His Word…may we see our barren contentedness exposed and may we strive to fill it with more and more of Jesus Christ Himself.   Because only He satisfies.

Blessed are you who hunger now,
    for you will be satisfied.
Luke 6: 21a

Love, Wendy


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