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As many homes prepare for the return of schooling this month, we thought to share a few practical back-to-school posts. Today we are talking lunches: some tried and true tips that may make your morning scramble a little easier.
Make-ahead PB&Js

First off, there is no shame in the good ole’ peanut butter and jelly, is there? To save time it works well to make ahead a loaf of bread into PB&Js. Wrap each sandwich in a zip bag, reuse the bread bag to store those 8-10 pre-made sandwiches, and freeze. Throw one in the lunchbag on the way out the door, and it will keep the other food cool and be thawed by lunch.

Tip: if you first spread a very thin layer of butter on each slice of bread, then follow with peanut butter on each slice, and finish with jelly, it will keep the sandwich from getting soggy. Many of my kids say these are the best PB&Js they have eaten.

Freeze your PB&J sandwiches to speed up your morning prep! Come see how! #Kids #Lunch

Setting lunch up in this way allows kids to assemble their own lunches easily and it works you out of that equation–other than ensuring the food is available. Somedays your kids might need a little extra prayer and encouragement. There a lots of fun and encouraging printables out there. I haven’t used these, but below is a neat way to remind your kids that the Lord watches over their days, no matter where they school.

Words that feed the soul
Hope some of these inspire your organizational flow. If you have tips that help your family out, please do share in the comments!
Warmly, Erika

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