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Dear Hattie,

I am adjusting to COVID-19 quarantine life, but am honestly much more concerned about this virus moving through my family. Do you have tips for how a mom can get prepped for dealing with sickness in my home?

Sincerely, Concerned about Corona

Dear Concerned,

There is a vast amount of information out there on how to handle life if this virus comes to call. I will leave that to you to determine and research credible sources for prevention and treatment.  What I can share with you are some tried and true helps you may want to implement in your home to help ease the load.

Purchase sickie supplies now:

Vitamin C, chicken soup/boullion cubes/bone broth, herbal teas, ice, essential oils for fever/respiratory support, medications, Pedialyte, popsicles, Gatorade, cough drops, Apple Cider Vinegar, fresh filters for humidifier, water, and whatever else aides you and your family in sickness.

If you can, buy or make some meals ahead (especially if you, as mama, fall ill). They can be convenience meals or frozen lasagna, but think about what the rest of your family can eat easily if cooking becomes difficult and you or a family member are unable to leave for supplies easily.

Try to take care of yourself the best you can through this season so that you can be strong for your friends and family. I know you are doing more than ever in care for your loved ones, but take time to get the rest you need, choose healthy food options, boost your immune system, and most importantly, stay abiding in Christ and His word.

As further help, here are two posts from two large family Christian moms who host reputable blogs on dealing with sickness–large family style (often the stomach bug). Perhaps you can glean some wisdom that might also apply.

This difficult season will soon be passed, but never forget the Lord is with His people and he does not slumber nor sleep. Turn to him to meet all of your needs and don’t be afraid to make your needs known to others, they may the very way God answers a prayer. 

Be well, Hattie