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re:flect-I is certainly not a craft blog! It aims at sharing God’s word with women in relevant and encouraging ways.
Still we recognize that women are often geared toward feathering our nests and acquiring beauty for our families and homes. There is no shame in finding resourceful ways to add that beauty. This actually can lend itself to contentedness. So every once in a while–especially as we enter the holiday season–it seems fitting to put a little hot glue on a post.

And why? So that one can receive the coveted “Golden Hot Glue Gun Award”? Nope. Doesn’t exist. In fact it’s not to be winning at anything, except maybe finding joy in little things God has given and providing a finished product at the end of long days.

So we will have a little fun this month on Fridays by making a wreath “together”. This will not be a crazy, consuming project but something that could turn out lovely in the end– for your wall or as a gift for someone else’s. Notice I said could turn out lovely. If it doesn’t…the upside with this wreath is that it could also be great kindling for the fire. :) Now that’s winning!

You Made a Wreath Out of What?! A Linky Party:

We will be attempting to make a book page wreath.  For supplies, you just need any wreath form–sized as you like, a book you’re ok with destroying (old or new), a hot glue gun, and a mess of hot glue sticks. There is a nice tutorial here if you like to look ahead.

In an attempt to make this project fun and doable, here are just a few guidelines:
1. Limit the making to one day per week, no more than 30-45 minutes (unless you want to).
2. Use up-cycled supplies or minimally costed materials.
3. Keep your sense of humor on hand.

I will snap a few pictures of my progress each week–success or failure–along with a few instructions. Maybe you can add pictures of yours’ in the comments too if you are participating?

Here I have a form that cost about $2, an extra hymnal, and gluing supplies.

Wreath supplies

So gather your supplies this week and we’ll meet back here on Friday. I will have 30-45 min worth of work to show. And we’ll see how far we get. Should be fun!


Erika ♥



  • Tracy says:

    Looks fun, Erika! I’m going to watch you do it first ;-) P.S. I recognize that hymnal from the old days at GBC. “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus!”

  • Erika Simpson says:

    Tracy, I tried to comment on your’s several times, but the blog kept deleting it :( Yes that hymnal from Grace. I didn’t use it, couldn’t part with it :)

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