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Here we are for week 2 of Deck the Walls: where we make a Book Page Wreath “together”, investing minimal cost and time. You can find out more from week 1 here.
In a nutshell the guidelines are:
1. Limit the making to one day per week, no more than 30-45 minutes (unless you want to).
2. Use up-cycled supplies or minimally costed materials.
3. Keep your sense of humor on hand.

And here is an inspiration photo below for what one might end up looking like.

You Made a Wreath Out of What?! A Linky Party:


I worked on my wreath for one 40 minutes session. I was a little clunky with the glue and paper-cone making at first. I only got .5 burns on one finger…that is, an almost burn.  But after a little fumbling, I did get better at it.


I chose to cover my wreath form with paper to ensure no green Styrofoam would peek through. I cut my pages in half length-wise to have better control of the paper and not rip it.

You will need to do whatever works best with your book size if you choose to do this step. The book I ended up using (not the hymnal) was a ten cent book from the library clearance shelves.

2015-11-11_07-00-50 Once the wreath form is covered in paper, begin to make your cones. One friend suggested really aiming at uniformity when making the cones. A good tip! I did have to play with this for a little while to get a nice looking cone and also one I could replicate. Once you have a “good enough” cone, seal each one with a couple dots of hot glue at the narrow end. I probably should have paid more attention to my nails before taking pictures, but just keep your eyes on the blue arrows and avoid my gnarly nails 😉


Flatten and glue the narrow end of each cone concentrically around the wreath form.

2015-11-11_07-22-41 It looked like this when finished with that step. This is the back side of the wreath. In order to make it look more full, I might focus on filling in the gaps (overlaying more cones to fall between the existing ones).


Here is what it currently looks like from the front. And for a first week, I think it went fine. I will definitely need a second book as I am quickly running out of pages. Think I will use a smaller book size in order to make a gradual decrease to the front.


So, that’s it. Will be back next Friday with a little more done. Won’t you share a photo in the comments if you are participating? Even if not, I hope this has added a little bit of fun to your week.




Please note: WordPress is unable to receive photos in the comment section. Please email any picts to share to and I will include them in this week’s post. Thanks so much! and please do!! You can even be anonymous if you want;)

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