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How are we already on the third Friday of November!
Welcome back to week 3 of Deck the Walls: in which we attempt to make a wreath from cast-off books “together.”

Here is the skinny from previous weeks: Week 1, Week 2, and a few guidelines below.
1. Limit the making to one day per week, no more than 30-45 minutes (unless you want to).
2. Use up-cycled supplies or minimally costed materials.
3. Keep your sense of humor on hand.


I worked on the wreath for 45 minutes this week. There was a little more hot-glue carnage to my fingers due to my search for a good way to secure the increased cones, so be careful! 😉

This week I filled in the gaps on the back end because I want a very full version of this wreath. You certainly can do as you like.


Book page wreath, week3

Book page wreath, week3

So with the back complete, I turned and worked on the next row of the front side. In order to create a gradual decrease to the front center, I trimmed about an inch off the ends of the next set of cones. I found that then folding the ends of the cones up about 1-2 inches gave me a base to secure them with glue onto the wreath form. For any wayward cones, a shot of hot glue on the cone helped settle them down. I tried to place them between the gaps to continue to fill out the wreath.

Book page wreath, week3

I completed about 2 rounds of trimmed and folded cones, then my timer rang. So this is where I ended up. This week I want to work on making points on all of the pages and I will move onto my second (smaller) book to finish it up. I am not sure if I will meet the time deadline, but it will be close. Next week will be our final post for this series, but if you still want to give it a try, it would definitely be doable before Christmas. I hope you are finding the same to be true if you are following along. (Please see note and photos below)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Erika ♥

Book page wreath, week3

I wasn’t aware that our comment section cannot receive a graphic, so if you would like to share your progress (and we hope you will!) you may email photos to, and I will see that they are added to our final post. Thanks so much!

These picts are from Aleaha. I love the pointed pages and she said she’s had some fun making it. Thanks Aleaha, it looks great!




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