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We hope you had a great thanksgiving yesterday…may God be praised!
Thanks for popping in with us today for the final week of Deck the Walls: a wreath-along in which we worked on making a doable, frugal Book Page Wreath in small steps over the month of November. (Here is a recap…Week 1, Week 2, Week 3).



This week, I began forming paper cones from my smaller book and attached them to the inside rim of the wreath form (about 2-3 inches in). This served as an interior boundary and was a good gauge for how much work I had left to fill in. Again, because I was aiming at a full version of this project, I was generous with the paper cones.


Once two inner rounds were complete, I used the remaining pages of my larger book and hopped back to continuing the outer rim. I ran out of pages in the large book before I was able to complete the round, so I just layered in shorter cones where that gap was by gluing the barrel of the cone to the adjacent cones. This project is very forgiving!

Week 4 Deck the Walls

Working on the second interior row, I found it helped to bend the point up 1-2 inches and secure it to the wreath form with hot glue (see blue arrow).

For the ongoing outer rows, I kept the cones straight, laying them where I wanted, then securing with glue on the point and barrel of the cone (see red arrow).

I thought this might take time, and it did! I broke the “rule” and worked on it for about 1 hour and 20 minutes in order to complete it. But it wasn’t bad…just kept layering in and gluing cones from the smaller book.

Once it was all filled in, I wiggled a length of tied kitchen string through some of the cones on (what would be) the top of the wreath and secured it in order to make a way for it to hang. No rocket science here. I then trimmed up any stray pages.

Week 4 Deck the Walls

And there you have it, a big effect with little cost and little time.

I hope you enjoyed this project and that you are happy with the finished results if you followed along. If you shared pictures via the email address I listed last week, might you let me know in the comments below? There may have been a problem with that address.  I apologize, and thanks for your understanding. 🙂


Please join us in December for some special posts on Advent: Expecting and Sharing Jesus!

Warmly, Erika ♥

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