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A few months ago I received a challenge very personally.  As a gentleman explained how his life was changing because he was prioritizing God’s Word, I was very convicted.  I knew I read God’s Word and claimed its great importance, but I also knew that many many other things–very shiny distractable things–held top honors for my time.

Is it okay to wake up in the morning and check email first?  Is it okay to be on Facebook?  What about games on my phone or books on my Kindle?  This post is not going to tell you that there are certain regulations to follow or checklists of do’s and don’ts that you must abide by.  Instead, I want to share that when God convicts you personally about something, there’s nothing else to do than listen…and respond.

In our techie world, there are many things that compete for our attention and I was getting all caught up in that just like everyone else.  It was easier to chill and watch TV after a long day than work to have a conversation with a family member.  It was easier to scroll through my Facebook feed of two-second blips than to read chapters of the Bible for understanding.  It was easier to play a game on my phone than to keep up with my responsibilities around the home.  

I knew these things to be true and I knew I needed to start somewhere to break these tendencies from avoiding the harder or better things–the things that have eternal impact, the things that bless others around me.  So, that day, when I heard that man’s story about his life changing because he was prioritizing God’s Word, I knew I needed to face facts:  God’s Word was not a priority in my life.

Please know, I love God and His Word very much.  But other things were more important, as hard as that is to admit.  But, if you’re married, maybe you understand?  As much as we love our husbands, if we’re honest, many other things can become more important–our children, maybe a job, our wants and desires.

So, the day after I heard this man’s story, I obeyed God’s promptings to prioritize Him by reading His Word differently than I had been.  Immersing myself all throughout the day in the Word of God has been the way I’ve begun changing my priorities, my affections.  My TV watching became distracted by the Bible.  The Word was my distraction away from text notifications.  And, God’s Truth was what distracted me from sin.  Certainly I am a work in progress–God has begun this good work in me and He will continue it–but it’s glorious to see changes because God is more and more top priority than fleeting shiny earthly things.

While guilt is not my motive in this post, maybe the Holy Spirit is convicting you to put God as your top affection too?  If He is speaking to you today, I hope you will listen…and respond.  As I heard in that man’s story a few months ago, I’ll share here:  Can you imagine how your life would change if you prioritized God’s Word all day long?  Can you imagine how the Church would be changed?

Love, Wendy

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