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Today’s post is a practical help for people who enjoy reading blogs. Perhaps Feedly is already known to you, but it seems worth the mention in case some haven’t heard of it.

Feedly is a news “aggregator application” which “compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others.” (Wiki) Blah, blah, snore…zzzzz?

That basically means it’s a live stream of blog feeds that you choose to subscribe to and can easily share.

The Feedly app is designed for all handheld devices as well as for desktop– all of which sync up to one account.

So what is the benefit of using a blog reader app? Well, rather than individually visiting each of the blogs you enjoy, Feedly brings those blogs to you in a streamlined way. If you enjoy visiting sites but your list is too long, Feedly simplifies it so that every time a new post is published, it will hit your stream. Rather than checking all the sites, you can go to Feedly where new posts are waiting for you.

In order to begin, you must first create a free account on Feedly. Once you have done that you can add the blogs you choose by using the search tool or manually entering addresses and RSS feeds for the blogs you enjoy.

Here is what the desktop version looks like. Settings can be tailored to suit your preferences. There is a “Save for Later” option which bookmarks posts you want to keep handy. You can organize and categorize your feeds as well. Sharing is very easy. Good stuff.

I thought I might share some blogs I enjoy on my Feedly (in no particular order). Feel free to share some you enjoy in the comments!

Christian Womanhood

Christian Living, Thinking, & Discernment

Godly Mothering and Homemaking (these are large-family mothering; great archives)

Craft and Design

Ok, that’s more than enough! The great thing about Feedly is that it allows you to be intentional with just what and how much you read. It definitely distills blog reading.

If you become a Feedly subscriber,

maybe you will kindly add to your stream too. Thank you, readers!

Warmly, Erika ♥



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