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Some people seem to be naturally hard workers.  I do not fall into that camp of people.  Unfortunately my daughter takes after me in this regard, as is common for our children to do.  When we get the urge to work, we do it well, but when that urge isn’t present, well, it’s hard to get the engine even started on those days.

Because I see my sin in my daughter, I’ve been praying for her to do the hard things.  

Without complaining.  

The hard things for her may be different from my hard things, or your hard things, but the principle remains the same:  Doing hard things is important if we want to finish this race well.


On a regular basis I take my daughter out on a bike ride so we can enjoy some time together on these summer evenings.  Without fail, once the ride reaches a certain point, she begins complaining.  It’s too hard.  It’s too long.  It’s too hot.  While she’s saying these things out loud, I am agreeing with her deep within.  She wears my sin on her sleeve it seems.  But, knowing how this sin has affected me negatively in my life, I push forward…and take her with me…and do the hard things.

Whether you’re wired to see through the hard things or whether you’re more like me, we would all do well to heed the words in Hebrews.  It’s far easier to carry the weight of that familiar sin, even if it hurts, than to kill it (or even admit it!).  It’s far easier to give up the race than to run with endurance.

What’s going on in your life?  Have others spoken to you about certain areas that are troubling to them?  How have you responded?  If others see sin, if you see sin, and you’re not doing anything about it, then I encourage you today to get in the race.  Do the hard stuff…like confessing your sins, battling your sins, laying aside everything that is weighing you down on this journey.  Don’t wait for another day to tackle this because the familiarity of that unbearable weight will just grow and make it that much harder.  It’s going to be hard.  Might as well git ‘r done now rather than later.  

Good thing you’re not having to do this in your own strength.

Love, Wendy


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