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Click here to go to printable

Today we want to leave you with a little tool you can use as you pray for those you love and minister to. It is a foldable booklet we have called Purse Verses. This booklet is filled with scripture prayers for the spiritual mother. They can guide you as you pray, or serve as stand-alone prayers. What better words could we pray than scripture!

To print, click on the blackboard image or link below it. This will open to a .pdf file which you can print onto a full sheet paper. It is designed to then be folded into a mini-booklet which you can carry close in your purse or pocket.

For instructions on how to fold the booklet, take a look at the video below.

We hope this will be an aid to spur us on in prayer and to guide our thoughts toward Him.

Have a blessed weekend and Happy Mother’s Day!

Warmly, Erika 

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