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Last week I wrote about short-term versus long-term vision.  Keeping our eyes fixed on eternal things, on Christ Himself, will help keep us from self-centeredness, morbid introspection, and countless other sins.  Another benefit of ‘going long’ with your vision is that it fills us with greater patience when we don’t see the results we want right now.

It may be our children forgetting what we taught them to do yesterday and the day before and the day before that.  It may be other adults responding in the same sinful ways over and over again.  It may be a prayer request that has taken a long time to be answered.  It may be our own sanctification–growing more and more into the image of Jesus Christ…


So “go long” with your vision of yourself and others.  Trust that God is at work and that He will continue that work until He’s done with it.  Keep your eyes fixed on HIM.

Persevere with me!

Love, Wendy



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