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Happy May!

Moving into full-on spring and the season of flowers,
here is a fun craft you can do with kids…chalkboard tins.


Chalkboard cansWith events winding down for the school year, these chalkboard tins are one way to say something nice to the good people in your life. And the best part is, older kids can do most of the creating themselves.

These tins are just flat-surfaced cans (13 oz.) which have been thoroughly cleaned. We painted these with some chalkboard paint we had on hand.  Truth be told, our paint was a bit past its’ prime, so our tins did not wipe clean due to thick paint.

With fresh paint, you should be able to easily write and wipe messages on the dried surface. Chalkboard paint can be costly. If you want to try a DIY version, add 2 Tbsp. of grout to 1 cup of any color latex paint, and you can supposedly get the same effect. This is something we may try another time.

Two coats of paint should do the job. Once dry,  you can write your message with any kind of chalk. Bistro chalk markers will let you be a little more precise.


Once the kids wrote their notes (below), they planted a flower in each tin.

We gave these to some good people this week, and the fact that they became material for this post does not lessen our gratitude in any way!

It has been a while since my kids and I have done something like this. The time spent together was fun and they were excited with their finished product.

Maybe some children in your life would like to make these too?

With love, Erika



  • karen adams says:

    Those are very cute! I think even adults would enjoy creating something like this to give to a friend etc. thanks for sharing!

  • erika says:

    Thanks for the encouraging comment!

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