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I’ve been blessed through the years by my friend Cheryl.  She gives me (and many others) timely and Biblical wisdom.  I’m certain I wouldn’t have seen the spiritual growth in my life if she wouldn’t have challenged me in ways that have stretched me…for good.  I hope you’ll be encouraged and stretched by her post today.  Love, Wendy

There is a humorous video going around right now about different mom stereotypes. Cheryl writes about the Hot Mess Woman today. This is not an endorsement of the video. There is some language, but we include it here for background. 

“Life is too hard.

“I am always so tired.”

“Why do I feel out of control and frustrated all the time.”

These are the type of statements I used to hear from women, but today we have become more progressive. We have learned that it is actually good to just embrace this “Hot Mess” kind of life. You know, the life that is full of chaos; not remembering what day of the week it is, or what your responsibilities are. 

Labeling ourselves as a “Hot Mess” is really just an excuse to lead a life of sin. Do you find your life filled with chaos and confusion, frequently angry or frustrated at those around you, or running all day but never accomplishing anything? Then consider if you have embraced being a “Hot Mess”. This life that thinks discipline is the enemy of fun and being organized is really just boring.

The “Hot Mess” embraces this lifestyle because it keeps her from seeing her sin and her failures. She stops making dinner to run off to some fun activity with her friend. She reads the latest best-seller late into the night, being angry at her children the following day. “Well, I did get the cleaner into the toilet bowl,” she reasons. “That’s the most important part.” Bags sit on the counters, snacks for youth group are forgotten, being late for church is the norm, RSVPs would happen if the invitation was not misplaced.

Why do we embrace the life of a “Hot Mess?”  Because embracing a life of living for the moment and following whatever whim pops into our head feels good. After all, focusing on what I want or desire makes me happy.

But God calls His daughters to live a life that is purposeful, with goals and plans. Living with a desire to complete the work that God planned for each day.

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  Ephesians 2:10

If Rahab had been a “Hot Mess” she would never have found the rope to let the spies down out of the window. Ruth would have stayed in Moab. Abigail would not have been home when David’s men came to request food.  Mary would have gotten lost on her way to Elizabeth’s house.

These women were not examples of a “Hot Mess”; rather, they had “Hot Faith.” They believed what they heard about God, and they lived life with their eyes fixed on eternity, not on the circumstances of the day. The work of their day benefited others and it brought glory to God.

God doesn’t call us to be a “Hot Mess,” He calls us to live a life with “Hot Faith.” He calls His children to a life of increase. A life that produces good results. “Hot Faith” forces us to live outside ourselves. It makes us think about the hours and minutes in our day as a commodity to be used for eternal good.

Of course there are times when our lives are chaotic:  we just had a new baby, our kids and grandkids came for a week long visit and everyone got the flu, we’re in the middle of remodeling the kitchen.  But too often life as a “Hot Mess” becomes the norm.

We all have the exact amount of time in our day, yet some people seem to make much more of their 86,400 seconds than others.  As we see in the Parable of the Talents, God will call each of His children to give an account for how this precious commodity of time has been used. God requires an increase. This means we must seek Him, asking how we should use our time. Read Scripture; God’s will is written throughout the Word. Make a plan for mundane tasks, and work hard at everything you do.

Don’t be content to live as a “Hot Mess.” Live a life of “Hot Faith” for God and His glory.



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