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This New Testament quote, actually from Isaiah 7, was received more warmly by its recipient, Joseph, than it was by its original audience, King Ahaz.  Ahaz was determined to do things his way so he rejected this sign that the Lord was going to give.  This sign would require Ahaz to obey and trust God.  

Many years later, though, a simple carpenter chose otherwise.  When told what most would consider a crazy story, Joseph heeded the Lord’s words and obeyed Him fully.  

In my life, I am constantly in an Ahaz/Joseph struggle.  Will I obey and trust God or will I choose my own way?  I forge my own path when I don’t believe God is really with me.  Even though I profess Christ,  I often act like an atheist by not believing in God…not believing He is good, not believing He has this situation under control, not believing He cares for me in even this.

Remembering that Jesus is Immanuel, God with us, is perhaps one of the most important things we busy women could do during this time of the year!

Immanuel:  God With Us

Immanuel…when the children are bickering among one another

Immanuel…when you awake in the middle of the night because of sickness

Immanuel…when you receive news of a parent unexpectedly dying

Immanuel…when a friendship is on the rocks

Immanuel…when a child receives a scary diagnosis

Immanuel…when you receive a scary diagnosis

Immanuel…when divorce seems like it would be the only option

Immanuel…in the mundane, day to day

Immanuel…in the gift wrapping, food prepping, house cleaning

Immanuel…when I’m weary of fighting my sin

Immanuel…even when it feels like God is far…

As you are in the middle of your trial, busyness, fear, or doubt…will you receive the sign that God has given?

Merry Christmas!  Love, Wendy

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