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Are you waiting for things to change?  Is there something different you’re hoping for?

I caught myself complaining the other day about a few situations.  Because we’re in the middle of a move, my new house has a lot of boxes and objects in all the wrong places.  And, my old house still has a few things that need to be taken care of too.  Not only that, but my interrupted sleep, my daily responsibilities, various other situations…and pretty soon I realized that complaining had been my low-lying current.  In everything, complain.  No, wait, that’s not how the verse goes…

Little reminders help me to keep my head in the game.  How is complaining about this or that going to help matters?  Do my floors have to be clean in order for me to be happy?  Do our finances have to be a certain number for there to be joy?  Does that situation have to be all wrapped up in a bow before I can be free from anxiety and strife?

Be content in the Right-Now.

Be joyful in the Right-Now.

Be hopeful in the Right-Now.

Be thankful in the Right-Now.

Be loving in the Right-Now.

Be forgiving in the Right-Now.

The list could go on and on.  The point is that I don’t need to wait to obey, do I?  My circumstances don’t need to change or get better in order for me to believe that it’s okay now to finally believe God and His Word.  That kind of thinking is walking-by-sight, not by faith.

Let’s pray for one another, our sisters-in-Christ, so we can be strengthened in the Right-Now by the One who holds the Future.

Love, Wendy

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