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It’s easier for me to text than call.  Texting allows me the freedom to iron clothes, blow dry my hair, make dinner, and many other multi-tasking maneuvers all while communicating with a friend.  

What happens when that means of communication is removed, however?

Recently my friend’s phone went missing.  At first I figured it would be a help to her as she had a long to-do list and didn’t really need any distractions.  However, as the days passed, I found myself reaching for my phone to text or to call (yes, even call), only to realize that she was not accessible.  What would I do now?  When will she get a new phone?!?

As I was considering the importance of keeping in touch with friends, I couldn’t miss the application to my time with the Lord.  Most of us have Bibles readily accessible, if not in print then on our phones, and we can certainly go before our Heavenly Father in the throne room any time.

But, are we?  Am I keeping in touch with Jesus?

It’s tempting to think I’ll always have my phone, my means of communication.  Clearly, this isn’t a given.  I wonder how many of us have this mentality toward the Bible, though.  Keeping in touch with our friends help us to know one another better.  When we’re not in close communication, it can be tempting to develop wrong ideas or even forget what she’s like.  This is true with the Lord if we are out of touch.  If I’m not soaking my mind in the truth of God’s Word, it can be easy to slip into a wrong mindset about Him, to forget what He’s really like or what He really said.

May we treasure this book that is alive and active, may we store its words in our hearts, may we savor it like honey because it is not a given that God’s written word will always be accessible to us.  Let us not take the spiritual disciplines for granted; they help us keep in touch with the Savior of the universe.  What a gift!

Love, Wendy

Every word of God is pure; He is a shield to those who put their trust in Him.

— Proverbs 30:5






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