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Do writers read their books? I’m not sure I’ve ever asked this question before, but it’s a curious one. Did C.S. Lewis sit down and read The Chronicles of Narnia at the local library? While I’m certainly no C.S. Lewis, I do find myself, curiously, re-reading my past blog posts each December. Maybe it’s a year-end writer’s block, but past posts have resonated with me year after year. I’ll share a brief index of these highlights in my life:

When I need to remember how God is all-powerful and dismantles the impossible, I read Expecting the Unexpected.

When Mary’s humble response, “Let it be to me according to Your word”, needs to become my response, I re-read Mary’s Submission.

When my heart feels cold and God seems far away, I read Immanuel and remember the truth: He is near and with me always.

And, when it is easier to give an offering of complaint rather than a Sacrifice of Praise, this reminder is helpful.

While I’ve not written any books and often feel feeble writing on this blog, I am humbled when God reminds me of these past words that He has guided me to write here. As He has taught me things in my past, He continues to remind me of them in the present. It is His work in me that I reflect on especially at the end of another year.

What lessons has God taught you this year? How have you seen Him work in you? In others? Do you journal? If so, re-reading some entries might encourage you in the work God is doing. Or maybe those ‘old words’ will become new again as He challenges you with His word, which is alive and active!

Let’s give glory to our great God as we end 2019!

Love, Wendy