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Our church began a mom’s ministry last year called “mom2mom”.  It has been for moms in all different seasons of life, which has been an added bonus for those on the newer side of motherhood and those who’ve been around for awhile.  It can be refreshing to us “older moms” to see the excitement and joy of a new mother.   And, of course, for the younger moms, experienced help is usually very welcomed!  Each month, on the first Wednesday at 9:30 am, we meet together and get inspired by practical and biblical discussions.  This month our mom2mom was cancelled because of the “Snowpocalypse” in early January.  So, instead of cancelling the panel discussion featuring moms who have “been there, done that”, we decided to record them so you could still benefit from their wisdom.  We hope this will be a real joy for you.  If you’re interested in joining us some time for mom2mom, we would love to have you!
Mom2Mom Panel Discussion        Click here for the discussion!

A big thanks to Nathan Bayly for recording this discussion and to Sarah French for moderating.  The mothers who are featured include Cheryl Bayly, Erika Simpson, Julie Morgan and Sue Oberly.

Love, Wendy


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  • Lisa Smith says:

    Thank you, ladies! Your words were a great blessing to me as I listened to your panel discussion tonight.

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