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Expectations are a normal part of life.  The child expects her mother to pick her up after school. The husband expects a warm dinner on the table after work.  The employee expects a paycheck at the end of the work week.  Whether we’re young or old, expectations are part of our beings.

In the Psalms, David and the other writers focus their attention on God alone.  They go to Him for hope, for help, for comfort, for protection, for salvation, and for so much more.  As I was meditating on Psalm 62, I noticed a phrase repeated in a few different ways:  

“My soul silently waits for God for He is my rock, my salvation, my defense and I shall not be moved.”  

The heading in my Bible describes this Psalm as ‘a calm resolve to wait for the salvation of God’.

A calm resolve.  

When we are waiting for an answer to prayer, for test results, for a reconciliation to happen, for an expectation to be met…are we calm?  Or are we all worked up and wanting to take matters into our own hands?  (Maybe we’re all worked up because we’re taking matters into our own hands!) This psalm, and many others, remind us that it is God upon whom we wait.  From Him alone comes salvation, protection, and constancy.

There is so much peace when I realize that God will never let me down.  My expectations in other people will be dashed.  My expectations of my body will fail.  My expectations of a project or idea will fall short.  But, every single time I can expect that God is love. 

God is a comforter.

God is powerful.

God is always there and will not forsake me.

When our expectations are in Him alone, we will not be moved or shaken.  We will have a calm resolve in the wait because our trust in the One who is completely trustworthy is well-placed. Regardless of the circumstances, God is unchangeable and we can put our expectations fully in Him.  

Will there still be difficult times?  Of course.  Will the wait be short?  I have no idea.  What I do know, though, is that God will not change and His promises are true.  Stand on this unchanging Rock and you will never be disappointed in your expectation.

Love, Wendy



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