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I have car wash anxiety.  I like going to the automatic car washes, but there’s always a trepidation in me about how everything is going to go down.  I really don’t like things that I don’t know precisely what to expect with a checklist included. If it were up to me I probably never would do anything unfamiliar, but God has brought me to a place of seeing the value in allowing myself to be uncomfortable for a little bit to try something new, and it’s also put me into an almost perpetual state of discomfort.  I have cultivated a habit of saying yes when I’m asked to do things for this reason. If I paused and evaluated every opportunity, I would probably talk myself out of doing most things–and then I’d miss out on all of the things that God has allowed me to be a part of.

Back to the car wash.  As soon as I pull up to the bay, I’m intently watching the guy because I can never quite tell if my car tires are lined up correctly for the rails, and I’m never entirely certain when I should put the car in neutral.  Once successfully in neutral, I have a couple of blissful minutes of traveling down the sudsy lane, but as I approach the end, I’m laser focused on the light that says “wait” and “go.” I have to be ready to pop it out of neutral and take off.  I have had some weird thoughts of multi-car pile ups at the end of the car wash line.

All this makes me wonder how often we leave our spiritual life in neutral.  It’s easy to attend church and small group and a Bible study and soak in all of this Scripture with the best of intentions, but do we ever actually put it into drive and DO something with what we’re taking in?

But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.  James 1:22

Are we hearers only?  Are we deceiving ourselves?  Engage. Hear AND do. Don’t be content in neutral…put it into drive.

Love, April

PS. If you’re memorizing Scripture with us, here is your May Verse Printable .