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Yesterday’s homeschooling day with my 8-year-old went uncharacteristically smoothly.  I wondered if he had just been particularly interested in the material or what was going on.  There wasn’t one instance of complaining or arguing!  The light shone down from heaven and the choir of angels was a-singin’!  Truly, those are the kind of days I really appreciate in the whole scope of homeschooling.  I’m thankful for the opportunity to school our younger children (our older ones are in public institutions), but it really is very sanctifying. Tough, but worth it.  So, when we had such a tranquil day, I asked Tate what was up. His reply?

Quench not the Spirit.

1 Thessalonians 5: 19

Ah, yes!  Earlier that morning, during our morning bible reading, we read this verse and a devotional by Susan Hunt (“My ABC Bible Verses:  Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts”).  Coupled with this was a bible lesson the night before during our small group time where he and the other kids were challenged not to argue or complain.  Certainly Tate had heard these commands before, but God was doing a particular work in him.  He heard about how we can quench the Holy Spirit by disobeying God, but how the Holy Spirit can give us the desire to obey and the power to follow through.  When he wanted to grumble, he knew he could give that to God and receive a desire and the power to obey.  It was sweet to watch God at work in my young son.

So, friend, how about you?  What do you need today, what might you be struggling with?  Perhaps this simple reminder via this little verse will direct you to the One who can give you desire to obey in an area in which you’re fighting.  Perhaps this will encourage you if you have the ‘want-to’, but you are weary.  His divine power, through the Holy Spirit, gives to us all things that pertain to life and godliness.

Love, Wendy

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