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On His robe and on His thigh He has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords.

Revelation 19:16


This past school year, my ten-year-old had to write a paper on a great ruler in history.  Together we read and studied about Catherine the Great who was one of Russia’s unlikely rulers. She was of German descent and was born to an impoverished Prussian prince.   At the age of sixteen, she married the Russian prince Peter Fedorovich, the rightful heir to the Russia throne. After a series of events, Catherine usurped her husband’s authority with a detailed coup, stole the throne from him and even imprisoned him. During her reign as the czar, she advanced Russia by westernizing the culture and expanding the land. Her people, however, were living in deep poverty while she had removed herself from the day to day life of the average Russian. Her officials were required to hire local serfs to dress up and  to cheer for her as she drove by in her coach.   As a czar or queen, she wasn’t understanding of her people. She had lost touch with them and she lived for herself, her power and prestige.

Now how does this relate to Easter? Well, today we celebrate Jesus, the King of Kings. If we compare Catherine the Great  to  Jesus,  we quickly see the absurd  differences. First,  Jesus IS the rightful heir to the throne.  He has the bloodline of God the Father as He is part of the Trinity. Jesus is God. Second,  unlike Catherine, Jesus humbled Himself by serving His people. He hasn’t removed Himself from His people.  He actually did the exact opposite. He humbled Himself and He came down to an earthly level to serve and even die for us.  Third, Catherine is mortal.  She died in November of 1796 at age sixty-seven. Even though a museum stands in her honor in Moscow, she is dead. Jesus, our King is eternal and everlasting. Lastly, Catherine’s reign lasted a short thirty-four years. The King of Kings is ruler over all and His reign is from now into eternity.

Today we celebrate the most important day in a Christian’s life.  As we celebrate Easter, we celebrate THE King!  We celebrate His rule, His reign and His righteousness. As subjects in His Kingdom, we owe our complete allegiance to this King of Kings. How are you living for the King today?


As we finish up our 40 days of Lent by thinking and meditating on the Names of Jesus,  we pray that your heart has been changed by these daily posts.  Was there one that was particularly challenging for you?  If so, pray that God will help you change or grow as you dwell on who Jesus is.


Love, Julie

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  • Andrea says:

    Thank you for all the posts of God’s Word coupled with meaning and thoughtful written devotions! I appreciate your dedication to serving our Lord Jesus! God bless you! Please do more in the future!

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