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When I become weary from the day-to-day grind…


overwhelmed by busyness


or when I just get distracted by the things of this world,


sometimes a reality check is desperately needed.

Instead of worrying about what others think of me, instead of being consumed by the next greatest thing to be added to my wardrobe, and instead of fearing those worst-case scenarios, may I be reminded of what is actually important.

  • Spending precious time–and enjoying that time–with my loved ones in a phone-free zone.  
  • Weighing everything against its importance in light of eternity.  (If it’s only going to last ten years, then I probably don’t want to let this thing dominate my time, money or heart.)
  • Praying for dear sisters and brothers in our world who are risking everything to love Jesus.  See details here, but be warned of the graphic (i.e. realistic) nature of the video.

These are only a few things that matter greatly in the whole scheme of all that’s eternal.   While I’m not advising that we live with our heads in the clouds, I am encouraging us to take a much-needed reality check when we become too consumed with the here-and-now.  Worshipping the Lord through music is probably my most favorite way of taking this kind of reality check. It gives me strength and joy as I’m focused on the One who has made me, knows me and saves me.

If you need a a five-minute reality check, I highly recommend listening to this song (words included).  Remembering the mighty works of Christ is a tremendous way to press forward in whatever we face each day—as we pursue holiness, love and serve others and share in His sufferings.

Love, Wendy

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