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Oh, the joy of full salvation!Sin and death defeated
Glory, to His Name!

I sang these words Sunday during our Easter worship. The word “full” stood out to me. My salvation, given to me through the death and resurrection of Jesus, was not stingy. It was not a tiny scoop, or a glass partially filled.

It was full.

Full:   containing as much as possible, having no empty space, not lacking anything.

The work of Jesus is complete. It is a full salvation.

When I think about this, I am humbled. There is no place in this salvation for my teaching a Sunday school class, or leading a Bible study, for my witnessing to a neighbor, home schooling my children or even being obedient. I am not capable of doing any work that will bring about my salvation.

The salvation of Jesus is full, done totally by Him.

Yet, God does desire for me to teach Sunday school, witness and to do many other works. These works are my response to the abundant filling that Jesus has given me when I received this “full salvation.”

What does your day look like? Do you wake up thinking about what will make you happy? Are you impatient with your children when they mess up the floor you just mopped? Are you quick to gossip about a friend that hurt you?

If Jesus is your full salvation, there is no room for sin. His righteousness, holiness, perfection has been given to you. It is full, and God calls us to walk in it.

This is hard, because even as our salvation is full, we still live in a body that is sinful. Praise God, He is patient with us. He is a gentle Father who is quick to restore us to Himself when we are humbled by seeing our sin.  He is kind to call us to repent and to depend on Him.

Does this cause you to be humble? It does me. To realize that while I was full of sin Jesus drank my glass and filled me with His righteousness.

When Jesus fills you with His righteousness, He gives you the ability to do what is right:  to say no to sin, and yes to obedience. He forgives us when we repent and strengthens us to walk back out in the righteousness of Jesus.

Let’s be women that have a growing sense of our sin because that leads to a stronger faith, a fuller hope and a deeper love for God and others.

Let’s be women that imitate Jesus, in His holiness and righteousness, not because it brings us salvation, but because it is the only real response to the full salvation of Jesus.


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