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Will we play any more with sin and so scrape Christ’s wounds?

Thomas Watson’s words sting as I read them from his long-ago book The Doctrine of Repentance.  Playing with sin?  Scraping Christ’s wounds?  Ouch!  These words, spoken at church over the weekend, really struck me.  As you read this, how is it striking you?

Some may think “sin” is a passe’ subject, an outdated word, an obsolete concept.  If we only speak of love then all will be fine, right?  Reminds me, though, of the dazed and hazed hippies at Woodstock flashing peace signs and free loving it all over the place.  Can’t we all just get along?!?

But, here’s the thing.  No…we can’t.

As much as we don’t want to talk about our sins, or have them exposed, if there is to be any spiritual work in us, we must admit we are indeed sinners.  Taking down the facades, we can just be honest and admit our struggles.

I am a sinner and I need Jesus.  You are a sinner and you need Jesus.

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and we are all on the same playing field desperately needing Him.  Once we acknowledge that then we can move forward and daily fight the sins that remain in our flesh.

But, where are we camping out in a sin?  What have we stopped fighting?  How are we in love with our precious sins?  This is scraping at the wounds of Christ.  His work on the cross saved us.  It is finished.  May we never wallow in the very sins that nailed Christ to the cross.  I know this in my head, yet when I’m in the heat of the moment then my flesh often wins out.  But, we must diligently remember the work of Christ on our behalf and live in that.  Thankfully, we have His resurrection power that allows us to do this very thing–to play no more with our sin and to treat Jesus’ wounds with great gratitude.

Love, Wendy


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