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Some readers of this blog may be in the throes of blustery winter.  Here in the midwest, it is beautiful and white, but no creature should have to venture out into these frigid temperatures.  I so wish that everything could just stop and I could sit on my couch, in front of the fireplace, with a good book, and a big ‘cup o’ hot’ and just wait until the green grass and singing birds appear again.  Ah, the dreams of a professional hibernator.
But, this dream of hibernating all winter long just isn’t meant to be.  My children keep needing me to take them places.  My husband texts me and asks me to pick up dry cleaning.  The kitchen cupboards echo from lack of food so I must trek to the grocery store. The frosty finger of reality keeps poking me out of my sleep state and it’s irritating and uncomfortable.

This comfy sleep state extends to spiritual regions as well, though.  Whether it is the high-pitched alarm that jars me out of a good night’s rest and reminds me that this is the only time to spend quietly in prayer or in the Word, or whether it is the extra time or effort I must spend caring for someone in need instead of sitting snug in my own world, there are countless ways I stick my head in the sand (or should I say ‘snow’?) in order to protect my peace.

One of my children’s favorite books when they were younger was called And the Bear Snores On.  This poor bear had crawled into a cave and was well settled into his winter sleep state when animal after animal visited his cave and enjoyed soup and drink.  It was a regular party for the cave full of animals until a small pepper flake wakes the bear with a loud “ker-choooo”!  What a startling surprise!  The bear had been oblivious to the party going on all around him until something, something very small and unexpected,  awoke him.

Knowing my tendency to want to stay warm and cozy in my own hibernation mode, I am challenged by how this can affect us as the body of Christ, the Church.  Can we become so comfy that we don’t want that disturbed?  Can we fall asleep while others need to know Christ’s hope?  Or sisters and brothers in Christ need our prayers to persevere, our exhortations to fight sin and our encouragement to walk in the light?

Wake up, sleeper

rise from the dead,

and Christ will shine on you.

Ephesians 5: 14

Awake, Christian sister!  Do not grow complacent or comfortable.  We are a vital part of growing God’s kingdom here on earth as we speak truth in the midst of lies, comfort women who are struggling, feed those in need.  The list goes on and on and we have the incredible privilege to walk wisely, redeeming the time and pointing to Jesus all the way.

Love, Wendy

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