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Recently we put our house up for sale.  While I’ve been an old pro at this, it’s been over ten years since I’ve had to be in “Clean-the-house-right-now-because-we-have-a-showing” mode and it’s a rude awakening to our lifestyle.  Maybe the new owner will be able to overlook the speck of dust on the floor or the disorganized closet…but maybe not!…so I am in perpetual cleaning mode with the purpose of making our house look fantastic.  We are showing this beauty off so that she fares better than all the other houses on the market.  And, it’s a hard job that brings about a lot of fears and frustrations.

Is this possibly like your relationship with Jesus?  Do you think you need to look perfect or clean yourself up in order to fare better than others or to get to Heaven?  If this is your thought process with the Lord, I imagine you may have a lot of fears and frustrations too.  I mean, that would be a constant “clean-the-house” mode that you just can’t keep up forever.  At some point you will run out of energy, at some point the frustration and anger against God’s dissatisfaction with you has to be enough.

Oh, what a glorious Savior we have!  God knows we are frail and but dust.  In His great love, He sent His Son, Jesus, to die for us and reconcile us to the Father.  Through His perfect sacrifice, Jesus generously and freely gave us His righteousness so we could be reconciled to the Father and called 




Stop showing off before God.  You’ll just end up a frustrated and bitter mess.  Let Jesus take care of this (He already has, by the way).  Trust Him and His perfect and finished work on the cross.  And, as I do this myself I will also trust Him for that perfect buyer!

Love, Wendy

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