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Grace Brown is featured in this Speaker Spotlight! and it is a real joy for me to share Grace with you.  She is a young woman who will be speaking on contentment during one of the breakout sessions and she has been challenged daily to be content in her circumstances.  Her teaching is sure to be authentic and Spirit-filled as I know her to be a woman dependent upon our Heavenly Father.
Love, Wendy


Grace Brown

Breakout Session: “Contentment in the Circumstances”

 What three words that start with the first letter of your first name describe you?

Good humored, generous, gentle. No, graceful is NOT on the list! 😉

 What did you want to be when you grew up?

A wife and mother

 Where in the Bible are you reading this summer?

A Psalm a day and 1&2 Kings.

 What has God already showed you about your topic?

That it doesn’t matter who or where we are in life, contentment is a challenge. We CAN be content in our current circumstances…in Christ’s strength.

 What book have you read this past year that has changed you?

“A Lifetime of Wisdom” by Joni Eareckson Tada. As I dealt with my own neck disorder that kept me from doing many things, it was helpful to read the godly wisdom of this woman who has suffered so much more.

 What breakout sessions would you like attend?

All of them. Seriously! I have learned much in the past from each of the session speakers, and I think the topic choices are wonderful…it would be hard to choose.

What blogs and websites do you often click?, and more recently searching for special diet recipes since we’ve become “diet freaks” (according to my husband) for now.

 Describe your perfect day.

You mean the one in which I get everything done on my to-do list, have good time in God’s Word, have meaningful conversations with friends/family, and feel well besides? 😉
Share a piece of marriage/friendship/child-rearing wisdom.

Marriage: Don’t take offense. Be quick to clarify meaning and resolve differences.

Friendship: Take time to inquire how someone is really doing and how you can pray for them. Don’t assume that others “have it all together,” even when it appears that they do.

 How have you seen God’s hand in a good situation and a difficult one?

God bringing my husband and I together was both a good and difficult situation. It was often difficult to wait for a husband. When Ryan and I finally started dating, I was not interested in him. It was good and so evident to see God work in our relationship and change my heart towards him!

 What was the first concert you attended?

Grand Rapids Symphony (Michigan)

How do you stay in touch with friends?

Phone, email, and occasionally Facebook.
How do you incorporate prayer time into your life?

I’ve been praying through my daily Psalms (see above) which has often encouraged me to pray about topics that I probably wouldn’t think of otherwise. As I use an item someone has given me, it is often a reminder to pray for them…a vase I received as a bridesmaid gift reminds me to pray for my friend’s marriage, homemade vanilla from a sister-in-law reminds me to pray for needs in her life, etc.

 What music gets you pumped?

Pumped may not be the right word, but I love the Australian group, Sons of Korah. They sing Psalms set to music.


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