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Well, this is a bit awkward, but I get to introduce…myself today.  🙂  My friend, Sarah, asked me some questions since I am one of the conference breakout session speakers.  Our women’s conference, re:garding HIM, is only two weeks away now and we are excited and ready to welcome you at our church home.  The thought of many Christians sisters, from all sorts of backgrounds, in one place is thrilling to imagine!  Our prayer is that this will be a day of love, joy and growth in Christ.
Love, Wendy


Wendy Foulke

Breakout Session: Freedom Through Forgiveness


What three words that start with the first letter of your first name describe you? 

Warm: I think I’m generally warm with others and I enjoy other people’s company greatly.

Wayfarer: In the past few years at Bible study, I’ve been stretched to see myself as just a traveler, or a wayfarer, in this world.  It’s difficult, but I do desire to see things more “in light of eternity”.  Even though I often wish I could just fit in with the world around me, I know that my heart needs to be beyond the here and now so that I can be set apart for the Lord and glorify His name.

Weird: I have more quirks than you can shake a stick at. My husband calls them “Wendy-isms”. 🙂

 What did you want to be when you grew up? 

A teacher

Where in the Bible are you reading this summer?

Isaiah and various specific scriptures on forgiveness.

What has God already showed you about your topic?

As I’ve been preparing for the breakout session on forgiveness, God has challenged my own heart greatly.  Of course, that gives me more opportunities to share with everyone as God makes it more personal for me.  One thing I’ve been intrigued by is that we (and that includes the church at large) have a lot of misconceptions about forgiveness. There are a lot of ways the rest of the world has influenced our understanding of forgiveness. But, I am appreciating how I’m learning better what *biblical* forgiveness is. I look forward to sharing that with all of you at the conference!

What book have you read this past year that has changed you?

“Humility” by C. J. Mahaney.  It has been used as an ongoing changer in me because of the very practical challenges. How easy it is for me to just do things in my own ‘power’, yet that’s pride.

What blogs and websites do you often click?

I spend a whole lotta time over at 🙂  I also enjoy Housewife Theologian, GirlTalk blog, and Femina.

Describe your perfect day.

My perfect day…that’s a difficult one!  It would probably somehow consist of all these things:  sleeping in, coffee, the Word, relaxing on my back patio, playing games with the kids (and by “playing”, I mean “winning”), laughing with my whole family, going out with my husband, and enjoying conversations with my friends.

Share a piece of marriage/friendship/child-rearing wisdom. 

Serve others. I say this not because I have this down, but because this has been the biggest struggle for me in my relationships. We have to be purposeful to think outside of ourselves and prefer others.

How have you seen God’s hand in a good situation and a difficult one?

It is always a joy and an encouragement to see God’s hand. Whether it was in my grandmother’s dying, multiple moves, or even a family member’s divorce, I saw God at work in the every day.  It can be harder to see God in the good situations because that’s when I tend to get all prideful and think I’m doing things on my own abilities. But, I do see Him in the kindness of others, in prayers or encouraging words.

What was the first concert you attended?

My first concert was probably Sandi Patty. Or Petra. Yes, I’m hard-core.

How do you stay in touch with friends? 

I stay in touch with my long-distance friends via email, texting, Facebook and I do still actually talk on the phone every once in a great while.

How do you incorporate prayer time into your life? 

This has changed a lot in my life. Presently, I find myself struggling to have solid chunks of organized prayer time. Even though I struggle, I still persevere. Mostly, I keep notes in plain view or set alarms on my phone to help me to remember specific people/situations and times to pray.  Exercising and praying works the best for me–but I must be diligent to do this.

What music gets you pumped? 

Anything from the Frozen soundtrack. 🙂  Ok, seriously?  Give me some 80’s tunes or some good ska music and you’ll find a dance party will soon follow!

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