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I hate making eye contact with my car in the winter.  It looks back at me with its sad eyes, and I can’t bear the guilt of its pleas to be washed. It suffers all winter long with a salty haze masking its lovely Glacier Blue Metallic exterior.

On a recent road trip my car’s guilt tripping came full circle.  I was tooling down the road and my windshield had that awful winter smeary grime thing going on, so I sprayed it with windshield washer fluid … well I attempted to.  All I got was one spit of fluid plopped on the bottom of the windshield. I was out of fluid. So, I had to spend my road trip strategically drafting behind vehicles so I could clear my windshield with road spray from their cars.

And then it hit me … for all the technological advancements over the years, why isn’t there a windshield washer fluid gauge?  I mean, why do we have to be surprised when we run out of fluid? Is there not a way to warn a girl to fill it up before she’s stranded without any?  Surely there must be a way.

So, this is March, how are you doing with your spiritual goals for the year?  Don’t let yourself get to the end of the year without being purposeful about your spiritual growth.  Stop and check your progress…and be aware. Resist being windshield washer fluid … know your level!

And if you’re memorizing Scripture with us, your printable is attached.

Love, April

Imitating Jesus 2019_March