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“I will find time to read the Bible when my kids are older.”

“My children are too young to memorize scripture.”

“Our schedule is too irregular to read the Bible as a family.”

“Facebook is more interesting than the word of God.”

“When things slow down next season, I’ll be able to spend dedicated time in the Word.”

“I can’t participate in a bible study right now because we have too many other priorities.”

Do any of these excuses sound familiar to you? Whether or not we would admit it, it’s easy to find reasons to not be in the Word. But we need to be careful that these excuses don’t infiltrate our homes and minds. 

While we have many responsibilities as wives and mothers, reading God’s Word ourselves is the most foundational thing we can do for our children. It shouldn’t be something we just fit in, it should be our priority. It’s the roadmap for our life. Shouldn’t we be referencing it more than Facebook?

I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.

Psalm 119:11

We have all probably heard this familiar verse. Some other versions use the words treasured and hidden, instead of “stored up.” How are we to teach our children to treasure and obey God’s Word if we do not know it ourselves?

As a mom of four little children, newborn to age 4, I am in the throes of the “little years.” In fact, I’m probably the president of that club. I know what it’s like to squeeze in a shower and get dinner on the table in the same day, let alone the piles of laundry that accumulate so quickly. But I also know the state of my heart when I don’t make reading the Word a priority. 

I’ve learned that, as a mother, I have to be flexible day to day, and make adjustments to my Bible reading in different seasons. I have also learned that the more time I spend meditating on Scripture, the more naturally it flows into my daily life and the easier it is to teach the Word of God to my children. 

Now, I would like to share some practical ways that I incorporate God’s Word into my daily life  – both how I study the Word on my own, and how I teach it to my children.

Practical Ways to Store Up God’s Word as a Busy Mom

  1. Wake up before your children. I’ve learned that this is the absolute best way that I can spend quiet time with the Lord. It takes some getting used to at first, but it is one of the sweetest parts of my day. Not only does it prepare my heart for the day ahead, but by reading the Bible first thing, I get to meditate on the Scripture I read throughout my day. For some extra motivation to get up, try setting your coffee pot to automatically brew in the morning. 
  2. Listen to the Bible app in the car. I’ve found that listening to things while I’m driving is a really good use of otherwise wasted time. I can listen to Scripture, podcasts, sermons, etc. I’ve also found that my children listen too. They will often surprise me by asking me specific questions about what was playing, when I didn’t even think they were paying attention. This is a great opportunity to have good conversations with your children, even a toddler!
  3. Play Scripture-based music at home. We often have music playing during meals and when we are home, and I have found some great Scripture-based music that my kids love. Our favorite is Seeds Family Worship, and we sometimes listen to Jamie Soles. Both of these are straight Scripture to music. The songs are super catchy, and I often find them stuck in my head while I’m doing dishes or other tasks. How lovely that, without thinking, Scripture is running through my head? That is one of the good gifts God gave us through music. 
  4. Read the Bible as a family after dinner. If you regularly eat meals together, then this is a great opportunity to establish a habit of reading the Bible together. My husband reads a chapter, or part of a chapter, each night after dinner. We also have started working on our Scripture memory during this time as well. 
  5. Memorize Scripture with your children. This is one of the best ways to store up God’s Word! If my 3-year-old can memorize Bible verses, you can do it too! I write down the passages that I want us to memorize on index cards and I keep them in one of those plastic index card holders (a recipe box works well too), and file them by “current, future, and done.” We usually work on memory verses during meals. 
  6. Join a Bible study. This is one of the surest ways that I find myself to be consistent in learning and applying God’s Word. Not only does it keep me motivated and accountable, but it’s taught me how to study the Bible for myself. 
  7. Leave your Bible out. If you put your Bible in a place that is easily accessible, you will be sure to pick it up more often. I keep a basket in my living room that contains my Bible, current Bible study, notebook, pens, and a theology book that I’m reading. I never have to go searching for these things, it’s all kept in one place. 

“Therefore, everyone who hears these words of Mine, and acts on them, will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.” 

Matthew 7:24

My prayer is that we all would grow to treasure God’s Word, and that it would be the foundation of our homes. 

Love, Hannah