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There is much to fear in life, isn’t there? real evil, true enemies, life-altering losses.
Why is it so common to fear? It comes naturally to us. It is not a good feeling. We don’t have to convince ourselves to “be afraid.” That response comes all too easily. The more we focus on the thing that makes us afraid, the more we become enslaved to the fear–paralyzed to move and act. This is not the Spirit that belongs to Daughters of the great High King!

He did not save us so that we could remain slaves to sin! He saved us to set us free from the yoke of fear, sin, and slavery that held us.

To the Christian, through saving faith in Christ Jesus, we have been adopted and have become a child of the King, a daughter of promise. There is nothing too great for our God, our perfect Father.

Abba FatherIf you want to be strengthened in your understanding of what it means to be a Daughter of the King, there is still time to register for the re:garding HIM Women’s Conference. Tomorrow is the day. You can register here still through today. $20 and done!  If you are on the fence or even considering it, COME! I want to be afraid! I am one of several speakers and believe me, my heart wants to fear. I read the headlines today and my heart wants to fear. I have situations with my children that make me want to fear. You have fears too. ♥ But sister, we have a Father in heaven. His eye is on the sparrow and He has not forgotten you. How much more valuable than the sparrow are you to Him! Trust the one who has conquered death and hell. He will not be found lacking! In Christ’s love, Erika

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