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My parents gave me an emerald ring for my sixteenth birthday.  It became one of my most prized possessions.  I wore it everyday without fail until the last day of my freshman year of college.  It met its demise that day, at the hand of my roommate.  

Finals week was always unbelievably hectic.  We were packing up our stuff, putting stuff in storage, cleaning our dorm rooms for white glove check, and somehow trying to find a few minutes to actually study for those finals.  While I was in my very last final before going home for the summer, my roommate vacuumed the room.  Unfortunately, the vacuum discovered something that I didn’t know yet at that point – that my emerald ring had fallen on the floor.  All I found left was a mangled couple of pieces of gold and part of my emerald stone.  The ring was absolutely ruined beyond recognition or fixability.

My parents ended up buying me a gold ring as a replacement.  As you can imagine, this new ring was once again my prized possession.  I wear it every single day.  But here’s where today’s story begins:  One day, I lost that ring.  I had taken it off to do dishes or wash my face, and it was nowhere to be found.  I searched for that ring for a week and couldn’t find it anywhere in my house.  I was rather distraught about it being missing.  I prayed to find that ring, but still it was lost.

So, my next thoughts were to somehow find a replacement, but I’ve had the ring for so many years, how would I ever find another one?  The internet, of course!  Somehow I was going to hunt down a ring just like it.  Meanwhile, though, the Holy Spirit kept telling me to just trust God and not try to do this in my own power.  But surely God didn’t mind that I was going to replace my lost ring?  But His voice was as strong as it would be if He were audibly speaking to me:  Just trust God in this.

Unfortunately, I did not listen.  I continued to scour every resource looking for a replacement ring.  And, guess what?  I found one.  I found my exact ring on EBAY.  It was a slightly smaller size, but that would easily be remedied.  I couldn’t believe my luck!  I had just done the impossible.  I still had the Holy Spirit’s voice inside me telling me to trust Him, but I ignored that whisper and clicked BUY NOW.

You know, the very day the ring arrived in the mail, I was going to let my dog out and on the floor in the family room, I found my ring.  I had looked everywhere for it, and here it was … directly in my path.  There’s no way that it had sat there for weeks, and I missed it, right?!?  I guess I should have trusted God and not wasted money trying to fix it in my own power.

I was reminded of this story recently when I read Psalm 20:7 – 

Some trust in chariots, and some in horses; but we will remember the name of the Lord our God.”

My ring illustration is a small scale version of trusting in myself rather than God, but the principle is still there.  How often do we try to manipulate or work in a situation that we should trust to God instead?  Do we trust in our bank accounts more than God?  Our retirement savings?  Our stockpile of canned food and toilet paper in a pandemic?  Do we need to feel prepared with what we can see or are we willing to let go and trust God above all that we feel we need to feel secure?

I think human nature is to trust what we see.  I know I fall into that trap a lot.  If I can’t see it or logic that it might be possible, then I need to figure out a way to make it possible!  And you what?  I often can figure out a way to make it happen.  Like my ring.  But what I missed in that process was truly being able to see how God was going to work.  Since His work wasn’t on MY schedule, I needed to take up the task myself!

Chariots and horses can win a battle, there’s no doubt, but God has won impossible battles without them.  And He’s powerful enough to work in our lives on a daily basis, even in the small stuff!

Trust God in the small things.  Trust Him in all things.

Love, April