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Recently one of my children asked me an honest question: “How can I be sure I am a Christian? I must admit, a twinge of fear rose in me. This child wasn’t asking in utter doubt but was just not really sure there was life-changing evidence within.

My initial thoughts in such a situation tend to be: “Oh no, what if I have to convince my child God is true… and I fail? Have I not modeled faith well enough? Have I not modeled love well enough that they would doubt God? What if my child doesn’t obtain faith at all?”

As I take my concerns to God in prayer, I also remind myself that God is true, He is good, and He is faithful. It is helpful to take time to explore doubtful questions with our children, giving room for them to ask and wrestle with hard things. God’s truth can withstand all of our questions–big and small! And in wrestling, we as mothers should also be wrestling…in prayer for them. Pray that they come out stronger in faith through the struggle.

Recently in reading Luke 24, I studied the men on the Road to Emmaus who encountered the risen Christ. Jesus’ identity was not yet known to them. They could not see with their eyes that He was the risen Lord. As they walked along the road, Jesus called them “…foolish men and slow of heart to believe in all that the prophets have spoken!” They don’t “get him” yet.

It was not until later that evening as He sat at the table with them, discussing recent events, that it dawned on them who they were with–Jesus himself. As they sat around discussing, they confessed: “Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road, while He was explaining the Scriptures to us?”

Though they could not see Jesus for who He was, they were drawn to Him. They heard what He said and the truth was recognizable to them. It burned inside their chest.

Still, it wasn’t until later–being slow of heart and foolish men–that they believed and realized Jesus was the culmination of everything they had been told would be true of the Messiah, because Jesus was the Messiah. Their eyes were opened in a day, in a moment. We can be similar–slow of heart to believe and foolish–even as we think we are being wise. But when we see the risen Jesus for who He is, we are changed. The truth can burn in our hearts before we understand fully: it is evidence of God at work.

It begs the question, how does God do it? How can He take someone who has never shown any care to honor Him and change them into someone who exhibits the very traits and characteristics of Christ? It is because we are transformed when we SEE and receive Christ. We are given the Holy Spirit and we are washed of our sins (Ephesians 2; Romans 6). It is a change that becomes visible over time from the inside out. It begins in the heart but works its way outward to make our lives look entirely different than they once were. And it is a transformation sustained by the Holy Spirit at work in us and the frequent renewing of our minds on the truth of God’s word. 

Does your heart burn when you hear the truth?
Do you look to Jesus for salvation?
Do you see He is the culmination of all God said He would give us as a remedy for our sin sickness?
If so, believe and keep believing. And if you doubt, bring your doubts to Him and ask Him to make Himself known to you. Then look carefully with eyes that see the unseen and with a still and quiet heart and know that He is God.