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Today some may be celebrating 500 years since the beginning of the Reformation when Martin Luther famously nailed his 95 theses to the door at Wittenburg.  But, tonight, my own front door will be tapped many times as little trick or treaters come knocking for at least 95 pieces of candy (or more) by night’s end.  A few years ago I was passing out candy to the sweet little trick or treaters in my neighborhood.  At one point, though, this sweetness became spooky.  A grown man, dressed as a creepy clown, decided to stand across from my home under a streetlight and just stare.  He was there for at least 45 minutes, just staring.  It was creeping out the trick or treaters and creepy clowns are definitely not “a few of my favorite things”.

 Editor's note:  This was NOT the creepy clown standing by my house.

Editor’s note:  This was NOT the creepy clown standing by my house.

Yesterday I was struggling hard at home.  Although I woke up and had a pretty good quiet time with God, reality revealed all those things I had asked God to refine in me.  (I think He was working overtime in me yesterday)  At one point I thought, “I am the worst mom ever.”  This wasn’t the first time I’ve thought that thought.  God gave us four children who have been enormous blessings to us.  But, it’s hard being a mom.  It’s hard being a homeschooling mom.  It’s hard being a godly mom.  It’s hard!  

And yesterday all my fears came rushing back to mind…you’re the worst, they will reject you, they will reject God…

Instead of crying out to the Lord for His strength, instead of speaking the Word to the enemy’s accusations, instead of walking by faith…I got scared.

And, friends, our accuser is real.  All my fears were spoken out loud against me as I entered into an argument with a family member.  The timing.  The accusations.  The one who is in this world is wicked and seeks to devour us.  But, how glorious to know, when we are full of fears especially, that the Holy Spirit in us is greater than the enemy of our souls out there.

A lot of things may scare us, but greater is He who lives in us than he who is in the world.  The only reason Martin Luther was able to stand up against the wrongs he saw in the church was because he stood in Christ.  He knew truth.  

And so do you.  So do I.

Instead of dwelling all day long on the condemning accusations, fill your mind with the truth from God’s word.  What we can’t see right now, we must see instead by faith.  Cry out to God for those things that you struggle with, for strength to fight your sins.  This is the advice I’m going to take today because today is a new day…and God’s mercies are new every morning.  We are not consumed!  Great is HIS faithfulness!

Love, Wendy



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