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I am unashamed to be one of those strange people whose favorite season is winter. I love pulling out my basket of cozy blankets, lighting candles, and keeping a hot pot of coffee going throughout the day. Even amidst the busyness of holiday parties and cookie baking, the winter season feels slower with a nostalgic kind of melancholy…and I love it. I don’t dread the snow, cold weather, and short daylight hours. In fact, I’ve come to embrace them! They are a reminder of my Creator and give me hope of what is to come.

Genesis 1:14 tells us God created the seasons. His creation is beautiful, glorious, and He will teach us much about Himself through the seasons when we are willing to slow down and listen.

He is the light

You would be amazed how many times the phrase “I can’t believe it’s already dark!” came out of my mouth the week after daylight savings time began. Winter days are short and dark, and I am always surprised when I have to turn on the kitchen lights in order to see well enough to make dinner. We love lighting cozy lamps and candles in the evening and allowing our home to be a little bit darker in the cold months. I notice the dark much more in the winter. It reminds me of how deeply I love light, and of the hope I have in Christ, who is the light (John 1).

He defeated death

One of the saddest things about the coming of winter is watching the trees in our yard die a slow, painful death. The lush green leaves that provided us shade in the hot days of summer turn to brilliant hues of red, orange, and yellow and then…they die, fall off, and leave a bare, brown, naked tree. The colors of fall fade away until we are left with only muted browns and plants drained of color. It is so sad! And yet, it isn’t really. Because I know that, come spring, those green leaves will return in lively, vibrant glory! Winter is a time of anticipation and awaiting the glory and life that are to come. It reminds me of the victory over death Christ accomplished on the cross, and that death has lost its sting because we know we are awaiting life to come in heaven with Him.

We can rest in Him

Since becoming a mother, copious amounts of snow aren’t quite as exciting (it’s easy for my toddlers and I to grow a little stir crazy by the end of January), but I still love the fluffy white goodness of winter. The cold and snow force me to slow down and rest. Creation goes dormant through the winter season, and I am reminded of my need to rest in Christ alone.

As the days continue to grow shorter and weather becomes colder, may we be mindful of what rich things God has to teach us through this season. Winter does not last forever, and may we look forward to the glory of spring, and of life in heaven with Him, that is to come!