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Well, along with the winter weather outside, a winter cold has stormed my head and lungs.  To allow myself a bit of rest, I’m going to share a post about thanksgiving from last year.  As God’s Word is known to do, it is just as meaningful today as it was a year ago…
Next week is already Thanksgiving!  I’m not sure about you, but my salivary glands start watering just at the thought of the tasty turkey and delectable sides lining my dining room table.   I love Thanksgiving and all the delicious food too!

Wait, I know I love “Thanksgiving”, but do I love “thanksgiving“?  You know the difference? The “enter into His gates with thanksgiving...” or the “be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God” kind of thanksgiving.  Recently, during a bible study lesson, I was stopped short by Philippians 2: 14.

Do everything without complaining or arguing…

That’s a familiar verse for my kiddos to hear, maybe yours too.  Yet, God showed me during the bible study lesson that I needed to listen up and do what He says here too.  I had been allowing my circumstances to loom over me because I was so focused on them through my constant complaining (both out of my mouth and in my heart).

Imagine sitting down to a delightful Thanksgiving dinner and saying, “That turkey is dry, the mashed potatoes are chunky, the dressing is burnt and the pumpkin pie is runny.”  That kind of talk would turn everyone else off and probably send the cook running into the kitchen crying.  Yet, we sabotage our days like this all.the.time when we choose to complain rather than give thanks.

Philippians 2:15 goes on to explain why we should do everything without complaining or arguing…so we’ll stand out and be different from the world all around us.  And, that magnifies God.  We point to Him rather than complaining about our circumstances.  We make Him bigger and our problems smaller.  We show all the nay-sayers that we can honestly count it pure joy whenever we face struggles.

I don’t know how your “revolution of thanks” will look, but why not start a new habit this next month?  Why not pray that God will take your negative thoughts captive and replace them with thankful ones?  God hasn’t let me go in this…I know that my complaining has been an ugly sin against Him.  No more treating it lightly.  After confessing it, I now have the “hard” job of being thankful in everything.  I know, I know, it’s a tough job…but somebody’s gotta do it!  🙂  Will you join me in it?

Love, Wendy


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