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Cough, cough, cough.

This past week has found me in bed…a lot.  If not lying down, you would probably find me blowing my nose or coughing.  And, if you would find me upright, you’d have to bend a little closer as my voice has almost completely disappeared.

The weariness of getting a common little cold.  How can something so minor can be so bothersome?!  When I am feeling ill, I tend to turn inward.  My prayers become all about me (“Lord, heal me…”) and I struggle to think of others let alone pray for them.  

Yet, this past week I was struck by God’s kindness through others’ prayers and thoughts.  I do believe the best way to climb out of self-centered thinking is to be thankful, to see our blessings.  I’m not sure where you are right now–maybe you’re facing an illness?  Maybe circumstances seem hopeless? Perhaps you’re struggling in a sin?  Why not see your blessings and God’s good gifts by giving praises of thanksgiving to the Lord, our good and perfect Father?

Enjoy your week, my friends.  Be thankful to the Lord and bless His holy name.  

Love, Wendy


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