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I was alive before Google was born.  It seems really hard to imagine a world without Google now.  Back in those olden days of yore … known commonly as the 1990s … we had things called encyclopedias.  Imagine a whole set of books with every topic known to man, at least as much as they knew at their publishing in 1986.  I loved those encyclopedias.

I learned the symptoms of appendicitis from an encyclopedia late one night when I was supposed to be sleeping.  Since it was the fear of appendicitis that kept me awake that night, I deduced it was best to just educate myself on the topic and put my mind at rest.  Oh, did I have a stomach ache that night that suggested that I actually had appendicitis? No, of course not. It was just always in the back of my mind as a possibility, and I needed to be prepared–it could strike at any moment, and I knew I’d have to present some convincing arguments to my parents in a hurry before my appendix burst and I died.  I had some irrational fears as a child. But that’s a topic for another post altogether.

Psalm 145 is one of my favorite passages.  It’s just a powerful passage that praises God for so many of His individual attributes.  This is a passage that I read out loud on days that I’m enveloped in self-pity–it’s a potent antidote.  But I have an inside joke with myself about one verse in particular:

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and His greatness is unsearchable.  Psalm 145:3

And after I read that verse, I laugh to myself and say, “You can’t google God’s greatness.”  Ok, so I realize that as a technicality, you could plug the phrase “God’s greatness” into a search engine.  But instead, think about how we’ve experienced God’s greatness.  God manifests His greatness to each of us, but sometimes in very different ways.   Sometimes it looks like blessings, sometimes friendships, sometimes encouragement … and sometimes trials.  God’s greatness doesn’t have one definition. It can’t be contained in a box–certainly not a search engine box.

We started out 2019 with the theme of Imitating Jesus.  How have you done that these past three months?  How can you imitate Him this week? And, if you’re memorizing Scripture with us, your April printable is below!

Love, April

Imitating Jesus 2019_April