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Call it writer’s block if you will, but today I thought I’d turn the ‘pen’ over to you, the reader, and have you write instead.  It’s your turn!

In Revelation we read of the elders and the living creatures falling down before the Lord God Almighty giving glory and honor and thanks to Him.  Maybe you want to get out a pretty journal, or maybe a scrap piece of paper if you’re more bare-bones about things, and write a psalm of praise to God.  Take a moment to worship God for who He is, not what He’s done for you, but for who He is.

Now, keep writing…but this time list all of the reasons you have to give thanks to God.  Consider this Scripture as you include all circumstances.

Now, put your pen down for a moment and just rest in God’s presence.  Quiet yourself before Him and exalt His mighty name.  He is at work in those areas that we may not see His evidence yet.  He is bringing light to darkness.  He is revealing what is hidden.  Dwell on Him and be stilled.

Love, Wendy

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